Course 7:

The Art of Business Development

for Recruiters

Discover how to amplify your recruitment outcomes by mastering business development techniques specifically designed for this sector. This course addresses a common challenge among Recruiters.

Price: $185

Course Duration: Approx. 2h30 (20 Video Lessons)

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Course Only


Course & Coaching

Course Only


  • 90 Days access to online course

  • Self-study course with video lessons

Course & Coaching


  • 90 Days access to online course

  • Self-study course with video lessons

  • Weekly 1-Hour group coaching session (Q&A Style Zoom Meetings)

What you will learn in this course

  • Gain insights into identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities within the recruitment industry.

  • Learn practical methods to enhance client relationships and expand your network effectively.

  • Acquire skills in strategic planning and market analysis tailored to the unique dynamics of the recruitment sector.

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What Students Say About This Course

“Really informative and helpful.  I honestly don’t know where you find the time or inclination to get your head around all of these things – I think you must have been a bot in your past life.  So much respect.”

Brenda | South Africa

“Vanessa is proof that there is always so much more to learn. The Recruitment industry is forever changing, it is refreshing to have received training from someone who is up to date with every aspect of it.”

Sarah | UK

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  • Course 5: The intricate science of getting passive Talent to respond to you - Now that you know how to find the Talent - let’s take a look at what you are saying to them to win them over. Reaching out to passive talent is an art and during this course I will show you how you can achieve quicker, and more positive, responses from people.

  • Course 6: 25+ more places you should be looking for Talent - Tired of looking in the usual places for Talent? Let me show you loads more websites that you could be utilising in your hunt for the best Talent.

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