The Dedicated Talent Sourcer


Find out why every talent acquisition team

needs a dedicated talent sourcer

This presentation, “Why every Talent Acquisition Team needs a Dedicated Sourcer” is from a conference that I presented at virtually during the pandemic.

What You Will Learn In This Series

  • What is a Talent Sourcer? 

  • Why do you need a Talent Sourcer on your Talent Acquisition Team?

  • How to identify people on your Team who would be a natural sourcer of Talent

  • How to nurture these Talent Sourcers to be the best in the business

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The 4 Videos In The Mini-Series Are:


Video 1

Why every talent acquisition team needs a dedicated sourcer


Video 2

8 Reasons WHY you need to have a dedicated sourcer on your recruitment team


Video 3

WHAT 3 Qualities make a GREAT sourcer of talent


Video 4

HOW to identify, grow & nurture a talent sourcer

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Client Testimonials


Sasha Kott - CEO @ Job Crystal, SA

Job Crystal has just finished our
training with Vanessa Raath and all I can say is WOW - AWESOME! And highly
recommend for anyone wanting to stay up to date on sourcing techniques, tricks
and tips and some wow software apps that can help you find and communicate with
unicorns! Vanessa is a class on her own - phenomenally knowledgeable,
passionate and keeps the energy throughout 5 sessions of training. True class!
Love her training!


Jane Barrett - Co-founder of The Career Farm, UK

Vanessa has over 400 recommendations and for good reason. She is the real deal, she knows her stuff and keeps updated. Her enthusiasm for sourcing candidates shined through in her training that I attended. She is supportive but pushes you to be the best you can be. Despite
wanting to keep her training to myself I recommend her training to others who want to find ‘hard to find’ candidates. Love working with you Vanessa 🤗.


Robert Gold - Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor @ Homebase, US

Sourcers, Recruiters, Coordinators... GET TRAINED BY VANESSA.

Vanessa Raath, The Talent Hunter, lives up to her name. We initially connected with her to help our small recruiting team learn how to source talent. Direct sourcing had made up our most effective recent hires, so we wanted to up-level our small recruiting team's sourcing skills. We needed an expert to guide us.

Vanessa is that expert. She taught us how to find almost any talent imaginable online. We learned to run X-ray boolean searches into public-facing websites, how to connect with technical folks on various social media sites, how to scour event attendee lists and get involved in our communities, as well as how to become a "talent magnet" as she calls it. Building our personal recruiting brand became a major focus - and I agree now that it's the foundation of effective sourcing.

Beyond her sourcing magic (I'm sure there's no other way to describe it), she brought these key concepts to us with a levity and with humor. My gosh she's so funny! We all became fast friends, and she made our 8am-12pm twice weekly trainings so worth waking up for. I was hooked! When can I do her DEIB sourcing training?

Today I get to employ strategizes and I've been able to make some of her magic happen here at Homebase. Most importantly though... she helped me realize a sense of confidence as a recruiting professional that I never knew I had. Vanessa, keep up your great work in helping others and enjoying life as you do!! See you on the great open web :)


Marija Prolic - Manager, Talent Acquisition at Camunda, Germany

I can not recommend Vanessa enough to any organization out there. From the initial contact, through delivering sessions, ending with providing her overall feedback she was extremely pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, direct and honest with amazing observations skills of participants and suggestions how to move forward.

She's a true partner to clients, providing technical skills and knowledge but also available for strategically supporting pain points of the organization.

Vanessa thank you for your work, looking forward to partnering in the future!

Hi, I'm Vanessa

I am determined to bring the ‘Human Element’ back into today’s Recruitment Process as I believe it has been lacking for too long now! I believe that people are the core building blocks of every business but that doesn’t mean that we can treat every ‘block’ the same.

I work with companies globally to identify the best talent & I train Talent Acquisition Teams to source the best Talent faster than their Competitors can.

I'm also an international Keynote Speaker, an accomplished Emcee & Employer / Personal Brand Specialist.

My aim with this 4-part mini-series is to highlight the importance and the immense value that having a dedicated talent sourcer in your recruitment team will bring...

Companies I've Worked With

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