Does your online brand attract or repel talent?

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Having a strong Online Brand will be the most powerful tool in your tool kit this year!

Here are some important tips and tricks to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

What you will learn in this course

  • Lesson 1: Does your online brand attract or repel talent?

  • Lesson 2: Six reasons why you need to have an outstanding online brand

  • Lesson 3: How and where to start putting together your online brand

  • Lesson 4: Some ideas to get you started

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  • Course 4: Helpful Websites, Chrome Extensions & Advanced Boolean to level up your Talent Sourcing - Let me show you loads of free resources that are going to save you time, assist you to be more successful and be laser focussed when using Boolean search strings.

  • Course 5: The intricate science of getting passive Talent to respond to you - Now that you know how to find the Talent - let’s take a look at what you are saying to them to win them over. Reaching out to passive talent is an art and during this course I will show you how you can achieve quicker, and more positive, responses from people.

  • Course 6: 25+ more places you should be looking for Talent - Tired of looking in the usual places for Talent? Let me show you loads more websites that you could be utilising in your hunt for the best Talent.

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